The cosmetics industry is huge and covers a far wider scope than we can provide on this website, however the almost mainstream topics of eyelash enhancement, lip augmentation, skin whitening or tanning are well covered here.

Our focus is on solutions which have natural properties so as not to cause future adverse side effects and to warn of the perils of some ingredients.

Lifestyle termed issues can often criss cross with health and cosmetics, it might be about our appearance, our sleeping patterns, life stage or indeed lifestyle habit choices.

Natural approaches or strategies for hair removal, treatment of menopause, sexual health, sleep or snoring issues and stop smoking strategies have been included here.


The food we eat and the amount of exercise we do apart from health exceptions are the main factors for most that determine our health and well-being.

All nutritional or weight loss supplements are focused on specific parts of our digestive and anabolic makeup.

Main approaches for nutrition and weight loss include:-

- anti oxidants to help combatĀ  free radicals
- appetite suppressants to stop us feeling hungry and eating too much
- calorie burning supplements to help improve metabolism and protein related muscle building supplements.

One could argue than skin care crosses over with cosmetics, we have placed it into its own category because it is such a wide topic and we believe than it is as much about the diet you take as the direct treatment of the skin itself.

Included in this category are strategies for anti aging, acne treatment, stretch mark and cellulite treatment and breast enhancement.

These are as much about the nutrients one takes as the direct application of nutrients to the skin itself.