SmartLipo vs Liposuction

SmartLipo Costs Less than Liposuction

While the physical advantages of a SmartLipo procedure are many, you must also consider the economical factors involved in undergoing this cosmetic procedure. It’s no secret that liposuction procedures are generally expensive, ranging in price well into the thousands. If you have been exploring liposuction, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that SmartLipo costs less than traditional liposuction. Significantly less since there is no need for general anesthetics, overnight hospital stays, and expensive pain medications – all of which can be very expensive over an extended period of time.

Average SmartLipo Cost

The average SmartLipo cost is anywhere from 25 – 35% less than a traditional liposuction treatments, depending on the area of the body you wish to work on and the number of treatments you need to gain your desired results.
But any form of liposuction is considered cosmetic surgery. And since cosmetic procedures are elective, it is highly unlikely that SmartLipo will be covered by your health insurance. The only exception to this rule, on occasion, is the reduction of tissue in the breast or other areas of the body in patients that have had cancer or other diseases. Even in these cases, cosmetic surgery is difficult to get approved.

Things to Consider about SmartLipo

Take some time to consider your monthly and annual budget before moving forward with SmartLipo. Is the procedure something you can fit into your regular expenses or will you have to make special arrangements to pay for it? Will the cost of the procedure cause you to incur extra debt that you could do without at the moment? Be realistic. Be sure you know what you are getting into before you move forward. If you have any questions about the costs of SmartLipo or are ready to find a board certified Atlanta SmartLipo surgeon, contact us today.

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Ultherapy Treatment in Atlanta Overview

I’m very excited to discuss a new treatment that we have in the office. It’s called Ultherapy.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is ultrasound energy that’s transmitted into the deep tissues of the face, and then therefore lead to tightening and lifting of the face. Up until this point, we had no real technology that’s ever proven to assist non-surgically with tightening of the face. There’s been a lot of things on the market that people have wasted their money on. They can all tell you that it never really worked. So if you come to our office and you have sagging on the face and neck, till now I would’ve told you that you needed surgery and often patients would say that they weren’t interested. I really had nothing else to offer, but now I have Ultherapy.

Candidates for treatment

Of course, it doesn’t take the place of surgery, nor will it give you a surgery result but for a procedure that is out-patient, very little to no downtime, very little to no pain, with no scars, I think this is a really good option. It’s designed for patients that are either just beginning to have sagging so that’s someone in their early ages, for patients who are older who will never be able to undergo a face lift surgery, or people who have had a face lift and want something for maintenance. Those are the ideal candidates for Ultherapy.

How many times do you need Ultherapy?

Ultherapy Atlanta information provided by Slimplasty states that it’s generally recommended you do it maybe once, at most twice. It’s not one of those procedures you do over and over and over again. It’s a very powerful procedure.

Ultherapy Risks

In terms of risk, Ultherapy actually has very little risk. This is ultrasound energy, the same ultrasound that’s used in order to examine babies. You may be a little red and a little swollen, but essentially within 24 hours you’ll look amazing. Ultherapy takes time though and you need to know that. This is something that’s working within your tissues so your tissues have to generate the response and it may take three to six months to get the result. But the results you get are yours and you will love it I am sure.

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Eliminate Fat at Coolsculpting Atlanta

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a new technology. It’s revolutionary and developed by scientists and physicians at Harvard Medical School of Massachusetts General Hospital. It targets unwanted bulges of  fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It’s a non-invasive way of removing those bulges that bother patients with a one hour procedure in the office.

Is Coolsculpting Painful?

When a patient comes in for their CoolSculpting treatment, they’re actually put in a very comfortable room. They’re given something to read or they’re on their computer. The Zeltiq machine itself is a very strong suction cup that’s applied to the fat bulge. A very strong suction is applied. The patient may feel a slight discomfort for a few minutes. There are freezing plates inside that suction cup that freezes the tissue, selectively freezing the fat. The other tissues remain unfrozen. Therefore, only fat cells are treated and the patient will sit there for hour, having the fat cells frozen, and then the machine is removed after that one hour. Patients can return to whatever normal activities they care to return to immediately after treatment. They can work out, they can return to work, they can do whatever they want.

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Best Candidates for Coolsculpting

The best candidates for Coolsculping are those that are physically fit, healthy, but they just find that they can’t lose that little love handle or tummy pooch or their thigh fat, or the fat that accumulates on their bra back, or even man boobs. With this quick and relatively easy one hour procedure in the office, no cutting, no incisions, the hand piece is just applied to the area where the CoolSculpting is targeted. Patients are able to sit there and read a book, work on their computers, and have the targeted fat frozen. Then what happens over a period of two to four months, the fat cells actually die. They’re eliminated from the body in a natural way and there’s a reduction of about twenty percent of the fat layer in each treatment. What we find is that patients that don’t want to undergo surgery, don’t want liposuction, perhaps have even had liposuction in the past, are great candidates for Coolsculpting. To book your appointment with Coolsculpting Atlanta, visit Slimplasty.