This piece of research surely has to be a huge breakthrough in the fight against obesity.  

It seems that scientists are now able to distinguish between different types of fat cells, one burns calories far quicker than the other hence the fact that children tend to burn calories better than adults;

Calorie-burning “Beige Fat” Identified

"Beige fat cells are found in scattered pea-sized deposits beneath the skin near the collarbone and along the spine in human adults, according to the DFCI press release. A 2008 paper from Spiegleman’s lab proposed the existence of this third type of fat, but the Dana-Farber team is the first to locate deposits and determine their unique genetic profile. The team issuing the new paper—led by first author Jun Wu, instructor in cell biology, with Spiegelman as senior author—also discovered that the beige fat cells are specifically targeted by the hormone irisin, which muscle cells express during exercise. Irisin not only turns on the genetic machinery that converts white fat into brown fat, but also improves glucose tolerance and leads to weight loss in obese, prediabetic mice.

In previous research, Spiegelman found that brown fat cells are born from stem cell precursors that also produce muscle cells. Beige fat, instead, forms within deposits of white fat cells from beige cell precursors. But both brown and beige fat cells contain mitochondria, energy-burning organelles that contain iron and cause the cells’ distinct color. A key difference is that

brown fat cells express high levels of UCP1—a protein required by mitochondria to burn calories and generate heat—while beige cells normally express low levels of it. Beige cells can, however, turn on high levels of UCP1 in response to cold or certain hormones like irisin, enabling beige fat to burn calories nearly as effectively as brown fat.

Ember Therapeutics, a biotech company founded by Spiegelman, plans to develop irisin as a therapy for obesity and diabetes, under license from Dana-Farber. “Going forward,” Spiegelman said, “what you want to study for potential therapies are the beige fat cells in these ‘hotspots’ we’re all walking around with.”"

This is way beyond what we talk about on this site, however one wonders how long it will be before UCP1 hormones will be injected into people with large amounts of white fat thus stimulating a higher rate of calorie burning.

Sounds too good to be true?

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