slow the aging process #antiaging

slow the aging process #antiagingClearly many of us live longer than our forefathers due to improved medical care, however whilst we are here we should give weight to our qualify of life.

We have posted something similar to this which focused on nutrition in the past but this article from looks more at overall attitude and lifestyle choices.

After all its no point living longer by slowing the aging process if we don’t make the most of it so here are 10 tips for a longer and healthier life;


Make Friends

Now we have one more reason to expand our social circle; it will help you live longer. Researchers analyzing results from 148 independent studies discovered that socially active people outlasted the loners on the average.

Another study from Australia followed elderly people for a ten year period and found that social butterflies were less likely to die than those who had fewer friends.

Get Married (especially if you’re a man)

Just having friends isn’t enough. Repeated studies have shown that married people outlive those who never got married. For some reason this is especially true for men.

And remember the saying “it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all;” well, the results also show that even if you marry and divorce or lose a spouse, you’re still more likely to live longer than those who never married.

Have More Sex

This one might be partly linked to the last two factors. Those couples who have a lot of sex can look up to seven years younger than those who have less. They also increase other factors that help longevity such as less stress, better sleep and an overall feeling of more happiness.

But as we get older, things don’t always work ask smoothly as they used to. If erectile dysfunction is ruining your sex life, make sure you check out these simple exercises that reverse erectile dysfunction as soon as today…

Be Conscientious

Now gathering friends, partners, enjoying life and increasing intimacy is not all you can do to live longer. Studies have shown that different character types have lower risks of dying young. Being conscientious is the character trait that helps you live longest.

Researchers discovered that conscientious people focus more on things that can improve their health as well as make lifestyle choices that nurture healthier relationships and stronger careers.

Maintain a Sense of Purpose

A Japanese study found that people with a strong sense of purpose were less likely to have stroke or heart attack. Another study from Rush University Medical Center showed that that sense of purpose decreased the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Having a strong sense of purpose is especially important when people retire.

Practice Good Hygiene, Especially Oral Hygiene

A study done at the Emory University revealed that those who floss have about 30% lower mortality rate than those who don’t. Another study has indicated that flossing adds about seven years to a person’s life on the average.

Flossing reduces the risk heart attack, stroke, infection and other diseases. Why? You see, the inflammation that happens in your gums when you don’t floss triggers inflammation all over the body- including the arteries.
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These are all basic issues, their values should not be underestimated, particularly the sense of purpose.  I have seen family members deteriorate quickly once this has been taken away.

Given the more isolated way people often live with reliance on technology and less cohesive community structures – particularly in many urban areas are as important as ever.

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